HP Photo Creations help and info

  • What is HP Photo Creations?

    HP Photo Creations is an application for creating photo books, calendars, greeting cards and other keepsakes. The user has the option of printing the work themselves or paying to have it printed and shipped out. It is a highly automated program for simple photo production or customisation using an array of photo editing tools.

  • Is HP Photo Creations compatible with social media?

    This application is compatible with Facebook, Twitter or through email. Click the corresponding link and follow the simple instructions. The recipients can print the work and are able to edit it with all the same options as the original producer of the work.

  • How do I start a new project?

    First of all, select a project icon such as 'Quick Prints' or 'Calendars' from the options in the catalogue. The two main types of projects are, ‘Quick Prints’ (photos only) and ‘Creative Prints and other projects’.

  • How do I create a Quick Prints project?

    To start a Quick Prints project, click the icon. Select a project such as '4 x 6 Multi-up Prints'. Add photos to the project by clicking ‘Add Photos’. Click on each photo one by one to get access to the editing controls options.

  • How do I make Creative Prints and other projects?

    Select the desired Creative Prints or other project by clicking the corresponding icon. Select ‘Print my Own’ and then click ‘Add Item’ to add photos, text or graphics to the layout. Click individual items to open the editing controls.

  • How do I add more photos to my project?

    Click ‘Add Item’ and then click ‘Photos’. Select ‘Add Photos’ and choose ‘Browse This Computer’ or an online source. Select the desired photos and then click ‘Add Photos’, ‘Open’ or ‘Add Selected Files’. The photos are now loaded into the ‘Unused Photos’ section of the ‘Photos’ panel. Use the ‘Drag-n-Drop’ or ‘Autoflow mode’, to add photos to the layout.

  • Can I back up my saved projects or transfer them to another computer?

    Projects are saved locally on the computer and allocated their own folders. To back up a project or transfer it to another computer, copy the folder onto a removable storage device.

  • What is the ‘Photo Safe Area’?

    When photos, graphics or text boxes are moved, the Photo Safe Area boundary appears. Drag and drop photos out of the Photo Safe Area to remove them from the production. When an item is outside the Photo Safe Area, it’s tagged with a yellow warning triangle.

  • How long does it take to receive an order?

    Most products take two to four business days to produce, plus shipping time, except Photo books, which take four to seven days to produce. International orders and orders placed during peak holiday seasons may take longer.

  • What are the system requirements for HP Photo Creations?

    HP Photo Creations can be downloaded onto Windows versions 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 or onto Mac OS X 10.9+. It requires 30MB of storage space.

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